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Department of Electrical Engineering

Department Of Electrical Engineering


To build technically sound electrical engineers with theoretical and practical skills to provide valuable human resources to industry and society.


M1: To provide technical education by effective teaching learning method.
M2: To provide technical platform to apply the knowledge of Electrical Engineering.
M3: To build entrepreneurship ability by developing self-learning and life skills.

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From the HOD's Desk

We, as a part of one of the best diploma colleges in Pune had an envision of a department (faculty, staff, and students) which is helping to define, make an impact on, and lead in the field of Electrical Engineering through its education. The Department organizes guest lectures, short term training program, workshop and seminar on various specialized field. This is an opportunity to meet eminent speaker and exchange ideas.
Electrical engineering is one of the core fields of engineering, so it is always Evergreen in terms of Scope and Job Prospects. Electrical Engineering is the heart of whole engineering discipline and therefore its scope will never fade even many years from now. Nowadays, we see Power Electronics is playing an important role in the implementation and control of Electrical Machines & Power System.

Prof. Yelgatte S.D.
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering

Prof. Yelgatte S. D.

Incharge HOD
ME(Power System)

Prof. Anuse A. S.

ME(Power System)

Prof. Savagave A. A.

ME(Image Processing)

Prof. Jirange S. N.

ME(Power System)

Prof. Bugade S. A.

ME(Power System appearing)

Prof. Dengale S. M.


Miss. Kawade Priyanka G

ME(VLSI &Embedded System)

Miss. Khopade Medha Sadashiv

MSc(Org Chemistry)

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Add-On Courses

Student Achivements

Sr.No. Name of students Type of Competition Level Sponsoring Authority Remark
1 Pore Omkar Technical Quiz National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 1st Prize (Winner)
2 Mali Omkar Technical Quiz National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 1st Prize (Winner)
3 Karansingh Rajput Technical Quiz National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 2nd Prize (Runner)
4 Prajwal Pawar Technical Quiz National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 2nd Prize (Runner)
5 Sanjay Tambe Circuit Design State TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 1st Prize (Winner)
6 Akshay Devkate Robonova State Bharti Vidyapeeth, Pune 1st Prize (Winner)
7 Sanjay Tambe Roborace National PVPIT, Bavadhan 2nd Prize (Runner)
8 Sanjay Tambe Robonova National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 2nd Prize (Runner)
9 Abhishek Shingate Roborace National TSSM's BSCOER, Narhe 2nd Prize (Runner)

Toppers List

FY Topper

Name : Sakshi Tanaji Deshmukh
Percentage : 84.63
Name : Deshmukh Vishal Manoj
Percentage : 79.88
Name : Sagar Kaluram Jankar
Percentage : 76.88

SY Topper

Name : Karuna Giri
Percentage : 87.73
Name : Chavan Vijay Nagesh
Percentage : 83.47
Name : Pansalkar Pranav Ashok
Percentage : 78.67

TY Topper

Name : Rajkumar Laxman Gawade
Percentage : 87.03
Name : Deshmukh Shreyas Dattatray
Percentage : 86.12
Name : Tomke Neha Raviraj
Percentage : 83.82

Student's Association

Electrical Engineering Students Association (EESA)

The Students' Association is dedicated to the growth and continuance of student services and cultural enrichment on campus. Promote general welfare of students. It is important part of students growth during your college career. Student organizations help strengthen leadership skills.
1. Students gain leadership skills.
2. Becoming a leader or an officer in an organization will help you develop leadership skills that will be invaluable in all areas of life.
3. Students will be presented with opportunities to improve in public speaking, and gain confidence in yourself as an individual.

Committee Members
EESA Coordinator: - Prof. S.A. Bugade
President: - Nikhil Anil Devdikar
Vice President: - Shubham Kaluram Jankar
Secretary: - Omkar Ankush Mali
Treasurer: - Omkar Vishnu Patil
Cultural Secretary: - Sonal Ravindra Mule
Sport Secretary: - Omkar Chandrakant Pore
Wall Magazine: - Prathamesh Pramod Kolekar
Alumini Secretary: - Vishal Rajendra Kambale
T & P Secretary: - Nikhil Tukaram Dhamal

Industrial Visit

Visit under the subjects:- Switchgear & Protection and Electrical material & wiring practice
Faculty Name: - Prof. Jirange S.N.
Date: 21/09/2018
Class:-SYEE & TYEE

College plays an important role in the overall development of students. To gain the industrial based knowledge, college arranges number of industrial visits in academic year. This knowledge is valuable and useful for technical development of students. On 21st Sept 2018, Students (TY class) of our department are visited to Shree Engineering with Prof. Jirange S.N.
In Shree Engineering, different control panels’ assembling used for electrical power distribution. This plant having manufacturing of various components like isolator, HRC and kitkat type fuse, APFC panels. By visiting this industry student get the practical knowledge of various components of switchgear and protection.

Guest lecture

Subject Name- Power Electroniocs(Introduction of Power Electronics)
Faculty Name- Prof. T.T. Bellundagi
Date:-11 Feb 2019.
No.of Students-(TY)-

Collage plays an important role in the personality development of students. This is the need of the hour as it is essential for the holistic development of children and their survival in this competitive world. On 11th Feb 2019, students of our department are attended the lecture on Power Electronics conducted by Prof. T.T. Bellundagi
She started the lecture with a very creative introductory session. she explain the new ideas and new trend or business opportunity available in electronics field. So student are attracted towards lecture. Lecture was very helpful from student point of view. She also explain that how we depends on power electronics devices in day to day life.
She introduce about the different power electronics devices with practical examples. So that students are getting the basic knowdge of power electronics and its application. They also given the practical knowdge and examples. After this lecture students are able to answer that what is applications of power electronics.

Industrial Visit

Katraj Biogas Plant:
As a part of curriculum and to gain practical knowledge. On 06/09/2018 we visited to Katraj biogas plant with 40 SY Electrical students. This power plant is run on waste material of municipal. This power plant has 50kW power generation capacity. By visiting this power plant student get the knowledge of how the biogas power plant actually runs. This visit is arranged under the subject of Electrical Power Generation.

AC machines:
College plays an important role in the overall development of students. This is the need of the hour as it is essential for the holistic development of student and their survival in this competitive world. On 23th August, 2018, Students (TY class) of our department are attended the lecture on AC Machines conducted by Prof. S. S. Kunte, Asst. Professor TSSM’s BSCOER,Narhe

Guest lecture

He started his Lecture with using effective teaching tools. By observing the presentation student gets clear that how motor actually works. How speed of motor is measured .What are the types of motor, selection of motor type for particular application. Detail discussion about motor ratings & specification.
This session was theoretical as well as practical. In this session AC Machines is discussed in details.

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Prof. Yelgatte S. D.
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering
Prof. Anuse A. S.
Moodle Coordinator
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Website Coordinator

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