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Parents Meet


1. The purpose of the parent meeting is to clearly communicate the student's progress in the college
2. In the case of a student who is having difficulty, to enlist the parents' cooperation in the effort to remediate any problems.
3. It is an opportunity to discuss a student's academic progress and social behaviour
4. Aware the parents about their wards Results in Sessional exams and to show Academic performance from improvement point of view
5. Discuss about Attendance of their wards so that they can concentrate more on Academics
6. Give them the information about upcoming events
7. Parents suggestion if any


1. To bring parent and the college in close contact

2. To promote the welfare of the children in home and community


1. The performance of a child is discussed.

2. The personal as well as academic problems of a child can be discussed jointly and efforts made to solve these problems.

3. Celebration of festivals can be organized. Invite parents and community members and accept their viewpoints.

4. Activities can be taken up with the help of the community e.g. cleanliness of the city or village, shram yagnya, eye camp, tours, funfair, cultural programme etc.

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